Matek F722 power?

Hey all, Can anyone please tell me where do I connect the power input ? I’m not using the ribon so how do I power this thing? Do I use one of the 5v port to power input?

Thanks alot

On the Matek diagrams, they show that you can power it via the 5v pad on the other side of the FC.

But on FC you can usually power them via any 5v pad as they are all connected. I have not personally done this with the f722 FC though, so to be save I would use the pad in the diagram above.

Hope that helps :grinning:

Thanks :smiley: Did you mean this? image

yeah that’s correct.

But only power it with 5v

Alex is spot on…you can use any of the 5V pads…just run a jumper from your PDB to one of the pads…I’ve done several F722’s now…I have switched over to the ribbon…


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