Help with connection of OMNIBUS F4 V5.1

I am new to this and need some help. I have a build going that was originally set up for a NAZE32 and want to replace the FC with a OMNIBUS F4 V5.1. I power going to the PDB and out via UBEC to the receiver and wires from the receiver to the FC. Is it possible to connect to the PDB shown and wired as I have it without getting a new PDB and starting over?

the OMNIBUS F4 V5.1. carnt be powered from batt voltage ( 80 % sure) check your documentation. you can power it from the ubec then power receiver from fc board. tbh as Arther Negus seen that pdb, i would buy a new pdb as it will be a lot smaller will have 5 and possibly 10 volt outputs so you can loose the ubec as well. a new decent pdb will cost 5 to 7 pounds.

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