Matek F722 SE Flight Controller

We will soon have the new matek FC in stock and added to our site, but just wanted to share abit about it as it actually has a few new features over the 100’s of other FC options. I am sure @DoomedFPV will like this one as he is a matek fanboy :wink:

It has dual imu like many other f7 flight controllers, and all the usual excessive number of connection pads familiar other matek FC.

But there are a couple cool features. Like 8 dshot outputs… octa FPV drone anyone? It also has the ability to turn your vtx on and off via the FC… super useful. Another interesting feature is the built in camera input switch, so you can use two FPV cameras on your drone… Maybe one for your main fpv, and then a backup from your hd camera. Maybe not super useful for quads, but fixed wings may have more use… still a fun thing to have.


Well hello there:slight_smile:

SD Card
Dual Gyro’s

Dual camera’s … very handy say, if you had a Caddx in a box…

And just as my current freestyle rigs needs a new FC and or PDB.
I’m sold.
Take my money.

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You should just be on direct debit at this point :stuck_out_tongue:

2 camers doomed will be able to reverse park (land).

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Will this handle LED STRIP function?
iNav coding for some F7’s deleted this code due to lack of space.
I like my ‘controllable LED’s’ :sob:

I have no idea as I don’t really use inav myself… but we should be getting them in soon so I could find out :slight_smile:

The manual says we need to insert 128 Mb MicroSD Card for the software.

But now a days 128 Mb MicroSD Card is just not available.

Hence, my query : Necessity of 128Mb MicroSD Card for F722 SE Flight Controller?

Can the experts guide me?

This was answered by :alien:

I can’t connect my matek f722 see FC to laptop, it said one needs STM driver…
I have installed it as well as it was installed successfully …
But still FC is not showing in betaflight…

Hi, this is my first post so please point out of I have breached any etiquette.

I have one of these boards on order to replace the faithful ccd3 Revolution in my Night Hawk 250 frame.

I’m planning to swap the other components as and when.

Does anyone know if this will work with my old 12A Simon K ESC’s (circa 2015). Or will I need to upgrade to something that supports D shot and 32 bit Bl Heli?

I’m planning to flash INav and try the existing Ublox MN8 GPS and compass module.

Thanks for help in advance


Hey dude.

It will work fine. You just need to select the correct protocol in inav for the speed controllers.

Best of luck :slight_smile:


That’s brilliant!

Thanks for your help,