Matek F722 SE Aug 2018

For Matek F722 SE version

The manual says we need to insert 128 Mb MicroSD Card for the software.

But now a days 128 Mb MicroSD Card is just not available.

Hence, my query : Necessity of 128Mb MicroSD Card for F722 SE Flight Controller?

Betaflight should work with an 8Gb or 16Gb card but will only use 3.6Gb and fill the rest with a blank file if I remember correctly.

What is the max expandable memoryfor F722 SE?
Since I somewhere read it supports 128mb which is too low.
Will I be able to put 8gb sd card in the black box??

As I said a 8Gb or 16Gb card should be fine - but you will only be able to use 3.6Gb of the card - should last a while as most of my flights are around 22Mb in size

I use a 16Gb card with the Matek F405 and it’s fine.

Thank you so much SIR…

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