Matek F722-se Runcam camera control not working

Hi all,

I’ve almost finished my build of a 6" freestyle quad, but am sort-of stuck at connecting camera control to the RunCam Phoenix 2. I’m using a Matek F722-se which has a dedicated camera-control pad on rx4 (I also expected it to be a tx, but ok) so I followed the manual that remapped camera_control to A01 but no joy. I noticed that rx4 was still on A01, as well as pwm 2 so i unmapped A01 from those two but still no go. Anyone have a clue to what I’m doing wrong?

For debugging purposes I have measured voltage across the menu-wire, it’s at an expected 3.36V so I set that as voltage. But when applying right yaw when at mid throttle I don’t see the voltage change, which it should? So it seems Betaflight is not changing the virtual resistor on the pad…