Matek 2812 LED Controller PWM Control Not Working

Colors and blinking modes work fine when using the switch on the board directly. However, this board has a feature where you can control colors via PWM, so you can turn a knob on your TX and switch through 7 colors.

Has anyone got this to work?
What I tried is:

  1. The prefered way, described in matek video: Channel forwarding managed by Betaflight - no color change
  2. To eliminate possible fuckups in my betaflight config, I connected channel 3 of my crossfire RX to the board and configured it to output PWM - still no color change
  3. To eliminate any possible fuckup I wired the stuff like in the 90ies: Got an old pwm receiver and connected a servo to port 1 and the LED board to port 2. While the servo moves when I move the sticks so PWM signal is fine but the LED colors still don’t change.

I tried this with all 3 LED controllers I got from unmannedtech - no difference.

I am interested to have the same ones , have them installed will try on taranis tonight see if I can get it to work

Just found this… it may be of some use


If PWM control is invalid via transmitter, pls update the firmware for 2812-ctrl board
Link on the bottom of the linked page down below.