Omnibus F3 OIA LED connection

Hello there!

I’m using omnibus F3 AIO in a drone and I’m trying to use a ws2812b ledstrip with no succes. I have connected the ledstrip to the proper pins according the pinout diagram, but leds won’t follow the pattern I have set. They will light up, but will never change color from white.
I’m using betaflight configurator 10.4.1 and a spektrum satellite receiver pluged into the dedicated connector.
I have done some research and as far as I understood the reason could be a conflict with one of the UART ports, but I couldn’t have any idea on how to fix it and have the ledstrip working as it should.
Thanks for any help!

I assume you have set the colour/pattern in the LED tab on Betaflight! If they show white that would indicate that they are set up on FC correctly.

Hello and thanks for the reply.
Leds are six at all and they are set red. The outer two on each side have the indicator feature and the two central have the throttle feature. When plugged to a Naze32 with the same led settings, they will work as expected, but not on omnibus F3 AIO.

How are you powering the LEDS?

If your using 5v from the FC you may find its drawing too much and your need to use a separate 5v regulator

Just had it confirmed…

LEDs have been removed from F3 Flight Controllers sometime after BF version 3.2.X.
The code was removed to make room for more features.

Your either need to upgrade to an F4 FC or use custom firmware for you FC.
@AlienskysFPV can build you custom firmware for you FC restoring the LED functions.
Just send him a message.

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Thank you very much, DoomedFPV!
I will be contacting AlienskysFPV.

Hi @Mikealfa
I’ve uploaded a custom hex file here that should enable led strip - but it disables SBUS and IBUS to make the code fit. (I think you said you were on Spektrum?) - Just unzip the file and use BF configurator to flash it as normal (but choose local file rather than from internet) (278.7 KB)

You can contact me on here or discord if you have any questions.

Oh and this is for the OMNIBUS (OMNI) target - if your board is a different target you’ll need to let me know the exact one (from a diff or the configurator logs) and I’ll build the correct one for you.

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Hi, @AlienskysFPV!

The HEX did work and I finally have the LEDs working on my Omnibus F3 AIO board!
Thank you very much!

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