How to wire up LEDs to the omnibus F4 V5?

Hey everyone,

I just signed up to the forum and I’m looking for a bit of help. I have an Omnibus F4 V5 and I’ve got everything working except for the LEDs. I wired them up as per the instructions that came with my board, and I’m not getting anything. I have set them up properly in cleanflight as I’ve done many times in the past with my previous flight controllers. However, I still can’t get the LEDs to light up even in the basic white color. Any light that anybody could shed on this would be great, thanks in advance.

Try Betaflight. Cleanflight is more than outdated.
Also please provide some shematics of your wiring and your Configuration data.
Is it possible that your LEDs may be broken?

Thanks for your reply Luca, I’ve attached a picture in early wiring mock-up. The lone white wire that goes to a single pin is the signal wire for the LEDs (I have them pulling voltage from the power distribution board) I’ll also attach a picture of when I attach the LEDs from my ZMR180 to the flight controller of my ZMR250, and they work just fine. So, I’m really at a loss at this point. :thinking:

Google Photos

The wiring looks fine to me.
Since you know how to hook it up on the zmr i assume there is a configuration problem.
Please upload a screenshot of your Led Strip Configuration Menue.
Maybe there is a checkbox that you missed or something.

Here are the screenshot that you requested. Everything looks fine to me what do you think, did I miss something? Knowing me, I probably did. :laughing:

So just to get this right in my own head.

You can “control” the LEDs of a different quad from your FC
but not the LEDs on the quad with that same FC ?

So a couple of questions

  1. So are you using the same LEDs?
  2. Are the LEDs getting power and the correct voltage?

Cause that the moment I would be looking at how the LEDs are powered

Yes, I basically jerry-rigged a cable to run from the ZMR250 flight controller to the LEDs on the ZMR180, and they appears to work just fine. Well, the 2 that I had wired up, I didn’t have the rest of them on the ZMR180, just the two that start the LED series. As for where the LEDs get voltage from, I actually have them wired to the 5 volts on my power distribution board. The 5 volt regulator on the flight controller does not provide enough current to drive them (I found that out the hard way :laughing:).

Hey guys, I just wanted to see if anybody else had any further input on my issue. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. I’ve even gone as far to wire up a single led to a server wire can plug it directly into the flight controllers ground voltage and signal pins for the LEDs, still nothing…

FYI, i had issues making LED’s work and found that i had to flash back to an older version of Betaflight!
I’m on 3.5 now.

Thanks for the reply Rifraf pilot, I just give that a shot, and…nada on a side note, I did plug in my ZMR250 which now has the same board as my ZMR180 does mainly because the flight controller is had on it was having issues with my receiver but that’s a whole different story. Anyway, when I powered it up this is what I got from the front LEDs. If I’m not mistaken, this is very indicative to a control issue (possibly damaged control wire). I’ll have to look further into this if anybody has any further input on it feel free to let me know, thanks.

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thanks for keeping everyone updated…
I’m learning here too :slight_smile:

Cool, I do like a good brain storming session.:smiley:

Does anyone know of a way to test to see if the flight controller is putting out a sigal on the signal then for the LEDs, is that something that I could just check with my multimeter? Or, would that require like an oscilloscope since it’s probably some type of pulse width modulation signal.