Omnibus F3 AIO quickstart guide

Como puedo conectar el Receptor FS-iA10B del FlySky por i-bus en la omnibus f3? Que parámetros he de poner en Betaflight o inav?

Muchas gracias

Hi can I use 20a little bee secs with f3 board ??

Yes you can :slight_smile: You can pretty much use any Blheli, BLheli_s ESC with this board.

Glad to be in the group. I’m trying to set up a 350 hex with Inav on the Omnibus F3 V1.1 and have an issue with motors 5 and 6. Only 1-4 show up. I’m seeing somewhere that pwm 5 is used for leds. What’s that all about? Is there a way I can map pwm 5 and pwm 6 to be what they’re supposed to be, motor pins?

can you change the drop down box from Quad X to Hex.

Then click Save and Reboot

Yes, I’ve checked off hex X. I’ve solved the problem. Seems if there’s anything connected to uart 6 then pwm 5 and 6 are reassigned to another function. Seeing as uart 6 the traditional connection for the receiver I had to switch the receiver to uart 1. Gnd, rx, +5v. If uart 6 is left empty all motors show up. So, if you’re building a hex you only have 2 available uarts, uart 1 for the receiver, uart 2 for GPS, and of course i2c for compass. Uart 6 must be left unassigned in Inav. I suspect this is true in Betaflight and Cleanflight as well although I haven’t tried those. Hope this helps others trying to build a GPS hex in Inav. It took some digging to discover this.

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Hola Jesus! tengo el mismisimo problema. Lo has podido solucionar?

hola, si lo pude hacer. Hay que configurar el failsafe en la emisora también. Hay muchos videos en YouTube de como hacerlo. Te será muy útil. Saludos y espero haberte ayudado. Buenos vuelos!

I’m sorry… doesn’t know it was only in english. The fact is: i have a Flysky RC with an FS iA10B receiver… my FC is the flip32 omnibus F3. When I do the connection via the uart3/ppm/sbus, the drone works well, but when I turn off my transmitter, the failsafe doesn’t work. I configured it in the betaflight and in the transmitter, but nothing happen. I tried to connecting via uart2 and ibus, but this doesn’t work too. Any suggestions?
Thanks again and sorry for my poor English.
Ricardo Bordenave from Buenos Aires

First off…

Thanks for setting testing and setting up fail safe… Some people skip this step on there build or just don’t test it.

Have you had a read of this guide I found online??

I think your English may be better than mine

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Hi. I’ve got a problem. Im using this FC and a FlySky i6 transmitter and also a Fs a8s receiver. Im in Betaflight 3.0.1 version and when i want to go to the receiver section my receiver tabs doesn’t move. Also when i go to configuration and i select the receiver Ibus when i save and reboot then, automatically it says spektrum receiver instead of ibus. I dont know how to solve it and i have activated the serial rx in UART 3 . Can someone help me? Thanks

I suggest you move to a more recent version of betaflight, and also use a correct version of of the betaflight GUI, as you need to use a gui version that is from a similar date to when the firmware was released to ensure it is compatible.

Dont forget this guide was done over 2yrs.

You should be able to install BF 3.5.4 with out any issues.

i have answered you in my last reply because im new and only allows me to reply 3 times

And whats the Betaflight GUI?

Have a read of the IBUS information and try the CLI commands and see if it helps.

I have wired my ibus in the uart 3 and i have selected the serial rx of the uart 3 so i have everything correct but it doesnt work

which UART have you wired the IBUS up to on your FC?

Have you selected Serial RX on that UART on the ports page in the Betaflight Configurator and clicked “save and reboot” before moiving onto the configuration page and setting it up there?

Hey I’m having trouble with my Omnibus F3 V2. While in boot mode it is fine but in normal mode it is not detected by any software such as Betaflight or Zadig. I have installed and updated the drivers as well but it does not seem to change. Any suggestions or Ideas?