Mapird VTOL born for mapping task

Mapird is a professional VTOL(vertical take-off and landing) fixed-wing drone for mapping, aerial survey, and inspection mission. It comes with two tilting motors and two lift motors, which will allow the mapping drone to ascend like a helicopter. For the airplane survey mission, the front two tilting rotors will transition to forward mode and make the drone fly like a fixed-wing plane.

Mapird is made of foam, but two ailerons have reinforced by 3K cardon fiber clothes.

what’s more.Big internal space is suit for mapping cameras and payload, like SONY A7R/A6000/A5100 camera and oblique camera.

Do you get 1.5h endurance with a camera installed (ie with the standard 6s 22000mAh battery? As if so that is quite a cool but of kit. I also like that you are running a pixhawk inside for the autopilot :slight_smile:

Hello, 1.5h is no problem for 200g mapping camera. right now we use V5 flight controller which is developed from pixhawk. and ground station is Mission planner too. here is the link of the flight controller.