Carrier board for cube Orange and Power board for VTOL wiring

Based on Orange Cube autopilot, this carrier board is specially designed for VTOL fixed-wing drone assembly, with built-in UBEC and airspeed sensors, making the wiring professional and clean.

Specially designed for VTOL fixed-wing UAVs, the power distribution board can supply power for the motor, ESC, and payload, making your power cable wiring clean and stable.

Looks interesting, do you have a bullet list of key features and functionality of this carrier board for potential customers to understand at a quick glance?

Do you also have other info such as datasheet, or dimensions of this item you can share?

It would realy help the community if you can share with us the key and unique features of your product compare to other options on the market, as just sharing a link is not always the most helpful.

For example, what is the speccial/unique features of your carrier board? Is the fact that it has a built in Ubec to and airspeed sensor that make it better for VTOL?