47 minutes with 5KG payload on YD6-1600L heavy lift drone

March 22th, Yangda team made practical testing of YD6 1600L which is 1.6m wheelbase hexacopter.

Test data as below:
Weather: Cloudy
Payload: 5.08Kg
Take off weight: 18.5Kg
Motor: T-Motor U8 Lite KV85 motor
Propeller: T-Motor 29*8.7 inch propeller
Battery: 2 x Tattu 6S 32000mAh 22.8V high voltage lipo

Flight time: 47 minutes and 54seconds

YD6-1600L frame has a bigger center body, which will enable it to accommodate more electronic devices like various sensors and bigger capacity batteries.

Very cool, but when you say payload of 5kg, was this mainly just the battery payload weight?

5KG is payload only. it means the drone can carry 5KG “camera” on the bottom.

Do you have any update info. Extra tests in windy condition, max flight distance and so on.

Hello, not yet. Thanks for your comments, we try to do such testing in the near future.