How do you test your VTOL fixed wing?

Finally, we found a good place to test the VTOL Fixed wing: one stone crusher plant, about half an hour from our office. Around here it is no power line and high building, of course far from the airport.

We mainly tested the stability and endurance time this time. As there are 2 units for testing, and the estimated endurance time is 3-hour maximum with a 3kg extra carriage, so we must go there very earlier.

Before taking off, Some parameters of autopilot should be adjusted according to the environment. One guy controls the drone by Controller, one guy operation the ground station to check if the fly data are correct.

The VTOL drone is shaking too much for the first time.

Finally, it takes off stable and flies as pre-routine.

How do you test your VTOL fixed wing? any suggestion is welcome.