RC Airship Long Endurance Drone

Looking for long endurance with 200 - 300g payload ?

1hr 30 mins Endurance
Hovering and long distance flights

Test with downlink camera only.

Gimbal and action camera

Low cost Helium storage and recovery system

That looks very cool, do you have any photos of the airship itself? as the videos are all onboard.

Although airships have great endurance, they seems to struggle if its too windy or gusty, do you have any more details of your airship?

3.3 meters length

I have tested other airships with Flight controller/OSD/waypoints etc.
The overall aim of this development is not just to build and fly a one off RC airship, many people have done in the past. It is to build and operate an RC airship more like a Drone/Multicopter but with long endurance ( Solar power will be tested at some point ) at an affordable price i.e.keep it as small as possible with Helium recovery /storage and transport. Around 1 cubic meter vol is the sweet spot for the RC Airship to carry a camera system the same as drones between 500 - £1000, but 4 times the endurance.

Hi Alex

Wind speed and gusts is an interesting question it limits operations for sure but looking at endless mulitcopter footage on You tube they all seem to be in the same calm conditions that the RC Airship can operate in, but for 4 times the endurance.

RC Airship with MFD flight controller