Cheap long range cinematic drone

I’ve just rebuilt an old drone as more of a long range cinematic.


Geprc Mark4 Frame
Matek F722SE
EMAX ECOII 1700kg 2807
Chaos BLheli_s 30A esc
7040 three blade prop
Matek 1.3Ghz VTX
868mhz R9 ELRS RX
3S 2200mah battery

This is supposed to be a slow’ish’ flying long flight duration drone.

On the current 2200mah 3s i get about 10 min hover. Going to 5000mah only takes it to 15 mins.
How do I make this better (what have I done wrong).

I’d estimate it cost just over £300 to build this drone.
I could have bought the DJI mini SE, that has a 30 min hover time and 2k video for £350.
Is it even worth building a long range drone like this when off the shelf models are cheap and perform better?

Li-Ion Battery time!

Li Ion Battery Comparison for Long Range FPV Quads, Wings, and Planes. Chimera 7 with HDZero VTX

Here’s a good comparison, but for long-range you’ll want to use Li-Ion.

p.s. I just noticed how old this thread is… maybe you figured this out or moved on already.