How do i make a 3-4kg payload drone?

Hey, i am new to drones. I have made one before, but im not so good at flying it. I now want to make a Heavy Lift drone for a project. I would like to get some advice`s on what Motors, Flight Controllers, ESC, battery and Transmitter and reciver i should buy. I have seen a lot of youtube videos on this, but still cant get an answer. Is there anyone willing to help me with this?

I dont need a frame because i have a custom one already.

Thanks in advance

Hi @ibiza005 , welcome to the forums. This sort of question is a rather complex one to answer and would literally require a books worth of information to answer.

I would suggest you get a book or two first to learn about the basics. Something like this may be a good start BUILD YOUR OWN DRONE MANUAL

Otherwise please check this guide on the best practice on how to ask questions to get answered

How to ask for help - A step by step guide

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