🙋‍♂️How to ask for help - A step by step guide


Its hard to answer general questions. If you post something like “I’m trying to do [something], but it’s not working for me”, then anyone who wants to help you has to do a lot of work! They have to guess what you’re trying to do, what gear you are using, guess where the problem lies, and then suggest a solution.

If you want to make it more likely that someone will help you, here are some hints. When posting on this forum, please try to:

  • Be specific about what’s not working, and what you’ve tried already.
    For example:

Smart audio is not working on my quadcopter. I have made sure that I am running the latest version of betaflight, I have double checked my connections (smart audio wire from VTX is going to TX1 on the flight controller. The VTX is working fine, but I cant seem to access the OSD menu.

  • Be specific about what’s equipment and firmware you are using.
    For example:

I am using an omnibus F4 V6 with betaflight 4.0 firmware flashed onto the flight controller. I have a ChaosFPV VTX. I am using a Taranis QX7 radio with a R-XSR receiver. The reciever is working as I can see the channels moving when in betaflight.

  • Be specific about what you’re trying to do.
    For example:

I would like to be able to change the VTX power levels and channels via smart audio from my radio.

  • Try to include some photos showing the problem, or how you have connected everything. A video is even better.

If you ask questions like this, then it’s much easier for us to help you – and this means it’s much more likely that you’ll get help!

For example, now that I’ve framed your question in an easy-to-understand way, I expect one of our forum regulars will be able to answer your question before long…

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