Quadcopter drone with a 1kg payload

I know extremely little about drones and I need to buy a quadcopter drone with a 1kg payload, for around £400. I am building the chassis for the drone, so I only need the electronics, but as I know very little about drone I would struggle to separately buy the components and put them together. I am looking to buy a drone, remove the chassis and put the electronics in my drone. Could anyone recommend any drones, or DIY drone kits that I could buy.

Hi joel,
I would say that probably every race drone can lift mor than a kilo… You can use Escs and Motors from Race Drones and stick them onto a Flight Controller with GPS… (I think you need a seperate module for that…)
With this setup you can build your own amazon drone :slight_smile:


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If you are new to drones, we do have a beginner friendly FPV drone kit called the martian 3 kit, and we have a bunch of written guides to teach you how to build it.

https://www.unmannedtechshop.co.uk/martian-iii-diy-fpv-racing-quadcopter-beginners-kit/ #shamelessplug :wink:

I would say that is the best place to start, because then you have some basic idea of how to build a drone to start trying your own things.

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