Learning to fly - keep bobbing up and down

Hey guys,

so my X7 has arrived and I’ve been getting some practice on Velocidrone. I’m glad I’ve been doing that, because clearly, this is a bit harder than it looks :slight_smile:

As I practice though, one thing I keep noticing is that I find it really difficult to hover in a single place. Instead, the closest to hovering I can get is bobbing up and down as I give and cut the throttle. I do try and do it gently and typically are only moving a notch or two, but I still feeling like I’m not getting it right.

Obviously due to that, moving forward and backward and left to right is also somewhat quirky.

Is this normal? Should I practice hovering more?

OR maybe I just need to get more flying time?

Hey David,
My advise would be, to learn how to fly in the subway map… The only Option there is, to fly very slow and not high…
This map helped me, of freaking out and racing over the hole map…
Try to use not very much roll in the corners…
If you add to much roll,
Your Quad is tilted to much forward and the only Option is to to fly like youve stole the Quad.
Dont fly high and take off less than a meter and pitch VERY less forward… than work on your Throttle Control…
DONT fly fast… The really hard part is to fly slow or even stop in the same heigh:
This Tutorial is in German, but you can see what he is doing, so maybe try to to that…

Hope i could help you!


I found the learning curve for throttle control pretty steep. Lots of practice & I’m getting there. Not sure what control adjustments you have in Velocidrone, but some throttle expo may help.

I don’t believe I’ve changed much in terms of configuration. Followed a few tutorials to set up the Taranis and that was that.

It looks like there are betaflight-like settings in the game (not the X7). Check out this link:

I use the DRL flight sim & found that getting the sim settings right makes a big difference in control. You also want to try to match those settings with your flight controller rates since the whole point of the sim is to practice for flying your quad in the real world.