Velocidrone Throttle Error


I have been using velocidrone with the DJI FPV CONTROLLER for about a month and everything has worked well. However, today I got a weird error. When I push the throttle up fully on the controller it snaps down, not physically but on velocidrone. Which means I fall when applying full throttle, which is very annoying to fly with. Pitch, roll, and yaw work fine. I have played around with the settings on velocidrone but this has not resolved the issue.

Any help would be really fantastic. Thanks.

This is a known issue in the Dji firmware. Nothing I’m aware of that can be done radio side.

You might be able to put a limit in place within velocidrone however

OK thank you. Would this error occur in real life, when flying a real drone? (I am building my first drone soon).

Not in my experience it’s only in the sim

OK, thank you for the help