Knocking my neighbors kids cruddy drone offline

An interesting lecture from DEFCON 23 which talks about attacking drones, the the bebop and phantom 3 specificaly, mainly just talks about hacking the wifi network for the parot drones and about GPS jamming (which is illegal i should add)

Just makes you think abit

Ok alex but one thing you must remeber, these people who live “over the pond” are cowboys, they will shoot at anything that moves give them a chance the “Nth amendment” whichever. If youve ever seen the TV program about living life in the cold tunra areas of northen states and canada. Well its all about gunslinging madmen masagrating wild animals they don`t need to kill only scare off from their home dwellingsThey are all simply trigger happy zombies who love killing inocent people and animals and not even the Preident can stop it. They think they have a 2right to kill". what worries me is that WE might be next on the list. .


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I reply - Computer dicides what I can say and not say . . .
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I reply - I AM, I am trying to tell members that the bullits they use to kill people with guns will in the future be frequencies controlling drones that kill with bullits and bombs.
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I Reply - People create these ideas so why cant we criticize the people who create these silly ideas, it doesnt make any sense…