Do birds like drones?

There have been many proposed ideas of using drones or radio control aircraft to use them as a type of scarecrow to keep birds away from areas such as airports, or an orchard. As shown below, blue falcon Holland has developed bird-like RC aircraft designed to look like birds of prey such as falcons to help scare other birds away from certain areas.

However I am seeing more and more videos cropping up on youtube of birds attacking drones so I am starting to wonder how effective this realy is? Does anyone have any experience with this or know of a video showing a bird attacking a drone?

Here are a collection of videos of birds attacking drones to argue the case that it does not work.

This video shows an eagle attacking a drone which obviously has no chance against it!
Here is another video of a smaller hawk attacking a quadcopter

Mythbusters recently aired an episode where they tested the damage a quadcopter propeller blade can cause and the results where kind of shocking, although I do think the way that they tested did not accurately represent what would happen in real life as they had a motor mounted onto a pole which was used to slowly cut away at a chicken, in real life I imagine the prop to hit something and the entire quadcopter would loose stability and crash to the ground.

Either way I still think that as responsible drone pilots who keep good situation awareness :wink: if you do see a bird acting abit strange as you are flying its best to fly away or bring it in for a landing as it would be a shame to have your drone crash, but even worse if you injure a bird in the process. :bird: + :helicopter: = :boom: