Amazon’s delivery drones could hitch rides on trucks to save power

As we all know amazon are fairly certain that they will deliver parcels by drone… And I do think that there is still alot of stuff to work out, but I do see the benefits of the last mile delivery being done by drones. So a truck drives up to your town/neighborhood, opens the roof and out go a bunch of drones.

However, in this article it does seem to suggest amazon is more serious to do the entire delivery via drones from the warehouse which is abit more interesting I suppose… Fun times :clap::clap:

How to get a Drone: :smiley:
Step One:
Buy an Gun from Amazon via Drone-Delivery
Step Two:
Do the fastest unbox the world have ever seen
Step Three:
Shoot down the Amazon Drone

You just got urself an own Drone :smiley:

Please DONT try that :grin:


Haha, yeah. If the drones amazon do use ultimately end up being based of an open source firmware which is quite likely to be honest as ardupilot/PX4 is the best around. Then all we need to do is quickly reflash the firmware and no-one will ever know :stuck_out_tongue:

On another note, I do think that when drone delivery becomes big… hacking will be the biggest problem. If you think about all the wireless data required for drones to talk with each other for them not to crash into planes or each-other this is actualy a big problem. If you need to make it very secure and un-hackable (if such a thing exists) then it becomes very slow, but faster lightweight protocol will be much easier to hack… This is something the autonomous vehicle industry is looking into.

So sadly I am sure it will only be a matter of time for someone to use some sort of exploit that can hack the amazon drones to cause some havok :smiling_imp:

DJI have released a system that authorities can use to track DJI drones and take over control, this only works with DJI telemetry, but still if you know the telemetry protocol used it is possible. The only good thing here is there is not a massive financial motivation for someone to do this… as hacking a cryptocurrency exchange is much more lucrative than stealing a few parcels and drones… and probably always will be. But if someone just wants to do something bad, then that is another story.

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When do you sell some Stuff for Drone Pirates? :smile: