DelivAir - yet another attempt on the future of drone delivery

Drone delivery will truly change our lives. But a company has yet to come up with a complete, mainstream solution. Even then, some wonder how consumers will react to these drones.

If you are like me you might be getting abit bored with just about every company generating some marketing material about drone delivery, and I feel this one is no different… Still my favorite is the Netflix drone delivery video

However, a concept from technology research company Cambridge Consultants called DelivAir would drop packages straight into the hands of consumers which is kind of a cool idea… although I would love to see how this works when there is a slight breeze… I can just see some complaints from customers getting smacked in the face by a swinging parcel :gift: dangling from the drone.

As seen in the video, the customer orders a product with their smartphone. The drone then uses GPS to locate a person via smartphone. Then, it uses optical tracking and a 3D-imaging and ranging system to locate and authenticate the person receiving the package when they come into view. The technology uses coded patterns sent via a phone’s LED flash to identify the recipient. .

Once the drone arrives, the customer unlatches the payload from the drone (just like project wing from google](Googles Drone Delivery Research - Project Wing)). Or yanks down on the cable to see what happens…

I guess we can forgive them as new ideas need to start somewhere, but for me I think the future of drone delivery is when everyone has a drone mailbox, where the drone drop the parcel off securely at that mailbox for you to collect at your own inconvenience… and if you are not at home or at the office there will be places similar to the amazon lockers for you to collect your goodies on the go?

More details on the actual drone and concept

The drone itself is running on Pixhawk 2.1, and you can see some more details here or in the video:

Let me know what your thoughts are. I do think there is a massive future for drone delivery but I might just be getting too cynical about most of the methods I have seen so far…

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It’s not if but when

Hey, this is good, get yourself a nice octocopter just by pulling on the string.
Christmas is really coming :smiley:
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