I2c Errors (Help)

Hi Guys,
I am new here and finished building my first drone… Robocat 270, PDB board is Led one from Ebay, Blheli 20a Esc, Matek F722 std FC & Matek Vtx Hv, Combo of Turnigy Evolution controller which came with reciever… Now my question…

I’ve programmed the board, it starts as it should etc but I have I2c error 6??? Someone please explain what this is??

Where is this error report?
Do you have a GPS unit, with a magnetometer (compas) inside?
Does the BARO show any problems?

@Saint88 could you also let us know what firmware you are using on your FC so we can try to help?

But a normal suggestion is to check your connections and make sure the i2c SDA and SCL connections are correctly connected.

Hi Guys… I’ve only just got home from work, I’ve got the weekend off now, no GPS on this quad and running most recent Betaflight firmware on my Matek F722 std… If I turn Barometer off and Magnometer off the I2c drops to 1…I’ve got to try pairing my drone to my goggles tomorrow aswell

From my experience in arduino type electronics:
put 1k or 4k7 pullup resistors connecting + and SDA and SCL. That will work.

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Another possibility is to slow down the i2c update rate, as sometimes if it’s too fast you get slot of errors. I know this is a cause of slot of headaches in inav.