I really need some help, thanks


I am completely new and just received my FrSky X7. I downloaded VelociDrone to start practicing before I get a drone.

So I have 2 problems.

*First problem - I received the radio controller without battery bay (I saw clips of the radio and they all have this tray to put normal AA batteries in it). I purchased “Gens ace 450mAh 7.4V 25C 2S1P Lipo Battery Pack” and connected it to the radio and it started finally. It didn’t last 30 mins perhaps and the radio started to beeping and I saw that the battery percentage was almost to the end. I am asking do I have to charge this battery? If yes how I charge it? It’s my first time seeing this kind of a battery. Do I have to buy a special charger…?

*Second problem - I watched this video from MrSteele or something he was doing tutorial for setting the radio up to play on VelociDrone. I setted it up, calibrated everything like he showed and when I started to play the drone didn’t want to response to my throttle… nothing. I can see in the radio’s screen it is connected I pressed earlier connect as a joystick… all good but it’s like no recognition. I don’t know what to do. I sent emails to the company that sold me the battery and also to velocidrone to ask for these things but they haven’t replied yet.
And today I saw this forum I hope somebody help me…

Many thanks!

Welcome to the hobby.

The lipo came at what we call storage voltage… about 3.8v per cell…
Lipos voltage range from 3v to 4.2v per cell…
Taken a lipo below 3v WILL kill it… most people try to never take a lipo below 3.4 - 3.6v per cell.

Your going to need a lipo charger to charge it back up.
For ease this charger takes normal AC input to charge your lipo.

I would do some research on lipos
Start here

and search lipo charging on Youtube for more.

Lets get that lipo sorted and were get back to the SIM
Its a good start to get a SIM lots to learn and in the end it will save you money.
Plus we all resort back to the SIM when it rains…

Anything else… just reply.

Thanks for the big answer bro! I purchased one for 30 quid now I’m waiting for it.
Yeah if you explain me about velocidrone would be helpful. Tbh, I watched some videos, I’m not sure but I think I need to bind every switch on the radio to the game one by one. I’m waiting for the charger as I said and will try it that way.

You can bind every switch… I haven’t, I’ve only got the two gimbals (sticks) done… its all you really need