How to orient foldable antenna on DEVO7

So, how should I orient the foldable antenna on the DEVO7 remote? It’s foldable but I used to think it was just for storage. However I’ve seen photos and videos with the antenna folded a certain way while in use. So how should I orient it to maximise communication range with the drone?

The antenna is linear polarized so to get the best range it should be aligned with the antenna on your drone. However since hte drone is always moving it is not always centered so most pilots will have the antenna vertically upwards if the antenna is mostly upwards on your quadcopter.

To learn more about antennas you can check out the FPV antenna guide, as some of the principles are the same no matter what antenna. But the main reason why we dont use circular polarized antennas for R/C controllers is that CP 2.4Ghz antennas are mostly large and bulky.

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so for example if the W250 with its antennas in Y is flying away from me at low altitude, I should keep the antenna up and tilted on either side? Gotcha

Then I would say its best to keep the antenna up :signal_strength:

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