How to mount FXT F408 receiver on DEVO7?

So, I received my FXT F408 monitor and it works fine, but the provided mount and screw didn’t allow for horizontal affixing on the DEVO7. So I tried to apply the mount rotated 90° on the back of the screen but it’s not framed for it and in the process I ruined the plastic space for the tiny screw provided.

So I was wondering if there is a cheap adapted product, such as selfie grips, to allow to hold the screen on the DEVO7 yet allowing space to rotate the antenna around?

Something like this but that I don’t have to import from the US or China

Something like that will probably work assuming it can expand big enough to fit the screen.

However you might also be able to remove the back plastic on the horizontal part of the handle to fit the monitor mount?

I tried but I couldn’t seemingly without breaking it apart, but anyway, now the screw hole in the back of the screen plastic is worn out so I need a handler in the style of “Phone Holder A”, but I don’t want to import from the US or China