Circular polarised FPV antenna, inverted

I’m using RHCP antennas but if I position the TX one downwards i.e. below the copter deck to increase distance from GPS puck should I change it to LHCP so the spiral now matches with the RX one on the ground?
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s an interesting question and not something I have considered before… but I don’t think that will work as even upside down, it will still be a rhcp radiation pattern (although it it upside down) The reason is th3 lhcp is a mirrored version of rhcp which is different to one rotated 180 degrees.

The best way is to just test it… :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex @unmannedtech

Thinking about it again, you are quite right, inverting the antenna does not affect the slope direction of the antenna wires so the RHCP is maintained.

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