How to make an RC plane with flightcontoller

Hi guys,
I want to know how to build in a empty wing im thinking of buying off banggood. I think i need a transmitter, flight controller, (GPS?) , battery, (Camera?).
Can you guys help me out here thanks.
Looking for around 5km range ( I have a 50km directional 2.4ghz antenna)
1 hour flight time approx
Good camera
RTH, GPS, and optional self stabilization.

Best thing to do is to do some searching and research on the internet. Asking an open question like this will basically require a 5000 word reply which I doubt anyone has the time to do.

This community is all about helping eachother out but you gotta do some of the work and ask a much more specific question. Here is some tips on asking good questions to get an answer:

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