How do I burn a bootloader over SimpleBGC? (to use open source version)

If you have purchased a version of our brushless gimbal controllers that use alexmos simpleBGC that you cant update (due to special bootloader) then you can always replace it with the open source brushless gimbal software which you can find here

What you will need

Burning the arduino bootloader

Connect the USBasp board to the brushless gimbal controller as shown below. You can use some spare headers so you dont need to solder pins onto the board. You might need to hold it in place while burning the bootloader so be careful!

Now open the arduino software and select the USBasp as the programmer

Now with everything connected you can now burn the bootloader

During the burning progress, the arduino software will display a message near the bottom. Be patient as this process can take a long time (up to 5 minutes)

When it is complete the Arduino IDE will show the message Done burning bootloader!

Now the new bootloader has been burned, you can now proceed to open the brushless gimbal firmware (_BruGi.ino) and upload it as a regular arduino sketch!

If anyone has question please ask them below

Thanks, This guide is what I’ve been looking for. I have that exact same board, can you provide the pin layout so I can make sure my programmer is connected right. Thanks

I dont have it with me right now so I cant remember what the pinout is.exactly but it uses the 6 pin connector. Just make sure that your cable for the USBasp is connected as shown in the images above, where the little tab on the ISP connector should point away from the RC pins (or towards the button). If you connect it the wrong way, the board will not get any power,

Hope that helps

greetings do i need to place in the adruino software what tipe of board before i do the bootloader, one kwestion how do i flash the board for firmware update i have tha same board displayed in the picture.
i hope you could help,

best regards

If you are loading the firmware onto the board, you will need to select the arduino type. But to burn the bootlader you dont need to do that.

If you want to load the brushless gimbal firmware you will need to select the correct COM port and also board type via the menu

her good afternoon 'm not managing to make the bootloader always apaerece avrdude this message : warning : can not set sck period . please check for USBASP firmware update .
avrdude : error: programm enable : target does not answer. 1
avrdude : initialization failed , rc = -1
Double check connections and try again , or use -F to override
this check .
my basecam 2 is a gimbal axis.
wanted to re- use but not this easy

Usually that message appears if your chip is dead so I suggest you contact the place you ordered it from to see if its still under warranty.

Hi ! my Controller board is a little diferent of yours foolow the picture:

I have the same problem to burn a uploader and than update the firmware.

My question, where I do the connection board to usbasp ?

Can you help please ?

Unfortunately it will not be very easy with that board, as it seems that the ISP pins dont have any headers. The only way you could do this is to connect the 6 pins from the USBasp directly to the required pins on the main micro-controller chip which is rather delicate work. If you find that your board is no longer working it might be best to try contact the shop you purchased from as they should be able to help you resolve it.


I have the same board and mine came tottaly bricked.
However i’ve managed to burn the bootloader with and Anrduino Uno as ISP. I had to solder some pins in the board also, but in the end it all worked.


You can get a USBasp to Atmel adapter that sits on the Atmel chip and makes contact with the correct pins.

But be warned its not a precision made item and its easy to short out some of the pins which kills the Atmel.

Don’t ask how I know this.

Hi ,well done, my usbasp connector has 10 pins , so it would be nice to have the pinout description of the board…
Is there a connection between the mini connector of the module and the pins SDA,SCL,Vin,GND on the PCB?Because my mini connector does not seems to work anymore.

А скажи, есть возможность скинуть мне руководство - как это сделать. Нигде не могу найти.