2 Axis Gimbal Controller. Bricked?

Ok, I was given a gimbal plus controller. Not sure what the controller is and what software it needs. I have tried Simplebgc & Brugi but all it does is sit there and do nothing!

I was told that it was bought from Unmanned so can anyone identify the controller and what software to use?


It does look like one of the controllers we used to sell, and if it is not accepting any firmware because your gimbal controller is bricked then I suggest you try to burn a new bootloader onto it as that usually fixes most issues. I created a guide on how to do that a while ago here:

Hope that helps!


Many thanks for your response. Does thie mean that I will have to buy and solder pins onto the board?

My eyes cant see those!


You will probably need some pin headers but you don’t actually need to solder them on as its possible just to hold it on while burning a new bootloader.