Slim BGC joystick setup help

I have purchased a Slim BGC controller like this:

I can’t work out if that is possible to connect a menu button or a joystick control. I’m assuming the 6 pin header pad is for programming the bootloader - but I could be wrong? Does anyone have any details for this board?

thanks, Scott

You need to connect the gimbal to the analogue inputs on the board, they are labeled A1, A2 etc…

Thanks for the reply but I don’t have that connector on my board - I have the ‘Slim’ controller in the link I posted.
I do have an RC input connector and these pins are labeled GND, 5V, A0, A1, A2, A3. But I think they are the RC_ROLL, FC_PITCH, RX_ROLL, RX_PITCH pins.