Hex gps recommendations for Matek F722?

Hello, I have a DJI F550 frame fully built with a Matek F722 Flight Controller. I was wondering if anyone be able to suggest a gps to me. I dont know mich about how to connnect gps but I might be able to research until I buy it.
Main reason for me to put a gps on my hex is to hold position.
Something <£20 would be great.


I would probably go for something like theMatek GPS/Compass module as its made by the same company.

To connect the compass I2C would go to the I2C pads on the bottom of the F722 (next to SD card slot)

And the GPS UART would connect to a spare UART on your FC.

That said if you just want GPS without the compass (for OSD/Speed info, and betaflight RTH functionality) matek also sell one without the compass which is abit cheaper.

Failing that, the cheapest GPS only module we sell is this one for £9

There is a note saying * BF doesn’t support GPS position hold and RTH, GPS Rescue mode is supported by BF3.5 or last.

Position hold is what I really need. Is there anyway to do that without BetaFlight?

flash for your flight controller with inav

inav doesn’t have resource remapping so all the things I did in betaflight (servos) will be useless :frowning:
Any suggestions? I’m trying cleanflight now

Is ther anyway that I can use a GPS without betaflight/cleanflight/inav?

You can run ardupilot on your FC I think…
And yeah when I mentioned betaflight rth I meant rescue mode :slight_smile:

The ublox “m8” is so much improved over the “m6” that you should not even consider the “6” anymore. Also, the “8” in almost every case is within your budget. However, the older “M6” type is now selling at 1/2 the price.

There are many brands and sellers but inside, just make sure it has some variant of “ublox M8”

Getting the compass is worth it. You don’t have to connect it and it will make the unit maybe more useful in the future.