iNav - Help with compass/GPS

Ok, so I finally got around to building the Chameleon Ti 6" with iNav on the Omnibus F4 Pro FC
However, the GPS unit I’ve got ( doesn’t appear to have a magnetometer on it.
From what I’ve learnt so far, a compass is a must with iNav if you want the full feature set.
Can anyone confirm that I’m right; you need a magnetometer to get the full features of iNav.

If anyone has got any recommendations for hardware for iNav, also gratefully received.


This is what i use rock solid.

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You indeed need a magnetometer (compass) in order to use GPS modes in INav.

I use the BN-880 GPS module (includes a compass), and find it’s the most reliable (and cheapest) of all the ones I’ve tried.

Matek also make a GPS and Compass unit.
Small and compact.

You can also look at compass module on popular sites like Banggood and install it. They are cheap and do what that are suppose to. That way you won’t have to but yet another GPS module.

Thanks folks - purchasing of GPS & Compass will happen shortly. Will let you know how I get on. :slight_smile: