Can I hook up a GPS to a XRotor Flight Controller F4?

I bought this FC:

I would like to use a GPS with no MAG on a plane. Did I get the wrong FC?

Features I want:
GPS/RTH Heading hold
OLED Display for in the field

To be honest it is kind of hard to find a god module that doesn’t also include a compass divine they don’t add much to the price. But just because it has one doesn’t mean you need to use it.

That said, I had a quick look and found this one which doesn’t have a compass and is very cheap too. It is likely to be a clone/fake ublox GPS chip but will probably work fine.

I have plenty of GPS’s…
The question is can a GPS be used with the XRotor Flight Controller F4?

Oops, didn’t read the question properly :blush:

In that case, you can technically connect a gps to that FC… but the issue is that GPS support for rth somewhat buggy in betaflight. And it looks like your FC is not officially supported on iNav which has good GPS support.

Although… do you know what betaflight target your FC uses? As if it uses a target as an FC that is supported in iNav you may be able to use it :slight_smile:

unmannedtech, cool thanks for that info. I was going to try and flash Inav on it as that’s what I use for fixed wing.
Well trying to use… I come from using APM so this is all new to me.

Problem is nowhere in the instructions does it say TX / RX or sda / scl. So I don’t know where to hook up the GPS. As Its fixed wing I don’t need a compass so I can free up a resource.

It says Omnibus F4 SD so I figured it would be like my other omnibus F4 V3 but nope…

sda/scl is I2C for the compass so if you dont need that, you can ignore that.

You can hook up your GPS to any spare UART TX/RX pair on your FC (as long as they have the same number, ie TX6, RX6). These would connect to the UART TX/RX ports on your GPS module. Depending how it has been labeled you would usualy connect TX from your GPS to RX on your FC and RX to TX.

Ahhhh makes sense…Just wasn’t sure
I did a comparison with the firmware loader in betaflight opposed to INAV and the firmware options labeled “OmnibusF4 …ect” They all appear to be the same between the two.

Now the OLED display option does use sda / scl so it would be nice to have but I can live without it if the board is not capable. ;-(