Here+ RTK GNSS Kit for Pixhawk2

I am in the process of building a Tarot T810 and would like to add the PIXhawk 2.1 Autopilot with Here+ RTK GNSS Kit for Pixhawk2 and am not sure which autopilot I should purchase. Would it be advisable to purchase the Pixhawk 2.1 for Intel Edison Suite (with GPS) if I would want to do further development or would I be advised to only purchase the Pixhawk 2.1 Standard Autopilot.

If I were to go with the Intel Edison Suite, what would the cost of the Intel Edison module be?

Please offer any advise on my setup, my quad has the following,
DJI E800 motors + 1345s Props
Gryphon GSR-5030DM distribution module

I have a Taranis X9 Plus and would like advise on the receiver.
I plan to install a RF Design 868+ Radio Modem Bundle.

Once again any advise would be appriciated.

I would only suggest you go for the edison pixhawk if you plan to run some custom code/function on the edison module, otherwise there is no real point for that. Also Intel have officially announced that they are no longer going to be making the edison module so there will likely be a new version of pixhawk 2.1 with an added compute module released next year sometime. If that does happen, the modular design of pixhawk makes it great, as then you just need to take off the IMU (cube) module with all the sensors and plug it onto the new base board when it is released :slight_smile:

But for now I suggest you just stick with the regular Pixhawk 2.1 board, as it also works great with the here+ module. And if you do need some extra computing power, you can always connect a separate stand alone SBC to the pixhawk.

Good decision with taranis, and for the receiver, something like the X8R (or other X8 series) will be a good idea as you have enough space and these have the best range.


Thank you for replying to my post and for the advice. I will place an order tomorrow for the standard and wait for the possible upgrade next year.



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