New drone to buy long range


Hello to all ,
I would like to build a drone! Not for a specific reason, I want little of all.
I want to buy first the flight controller pixhawk2 Edison and also the rtk gnss kit ,
I want to help me with the other parts please, I don’t know what I need for a full kit more for long range flights.

  1. 4g fpv kit , what is better for long range flight .
  2. Edison cpu for trucking camera
  3. Camera

I will buy the drone kit later .

Thank you very much.


Do not know what you mean FPV kit include.


i thing so
First-person view


Checkout YouTube.
Search for Mr Steele (Steele Davis),then find the video on his 5"Alien build…only about 3 months old.
You will find all the info AND see how it’s done!
(I tried to upload a link but no joy).
Good luck.:+1:


:joy::joy::joy:I am not mean FPV. I mean you should google what you really want.


thank you ! i bought the mavic pro and the dji goggles to understant how it