Heavy Lift Drone

My drone uses 230.424924kg total thrust to move my craft, I was thinking about adding 3 vectoring engines at 57.606231kg thrust would that hamper my ability to fly smoothly? Just a question. My craft has flown stable with the one engine I thought I’d try something different.

Hello Madmax

It is possible that you have your decimal points in the wrong place.
230.424924Kg is over a quarter of a tonne. I do not believe that many drones - if any - would be capable of lifting this weight.
Also, how did you manage to get 6 decimal places of accuracy after the point?

OK, I just googled for heavy lift drones and I see that some are capable of lifting this weight (just). However, you may be better off going to a specialist place for your information as most people here would not have drones capable of more than a couple of Kgs of lift.

Are you using this drone to lift yourself? What sort of motors does it use and how big is the propellor?

Never did like the metric system so AUW 250# 4 motors 127# of thrust 40" props total thrust 500#.