Which flight controller for large quadcopter (95Kg lift)

I intend to build a quadcopter with 154120 motors with 95kg thrust. ESC 120v 500A. Question is what type of flight controller do I need? Can I use a DJI one or not?

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You can use just about any flight controller you want, depending on what you want out of it. I personally prefer DJI due to ease of editing settings, but its whatever you desire.

Flight Controller controlled your motors and even a tiny FC can controller large motors.

To be honest any flight controller will be able to fly a quadcopter irrespective of the size. However, considering that a quad lifting 95Kg will probably cost a fair amount to build you want to make sure that your FC is reliable.

So in that regard I can suggest one of the pro level DJI systems (but these are also crazy expensive effort what they are). My personal suggestion would be the pixhawk 2.1 system, as its built very well, runs a excellent flight-stack software (ardupilot), and also has tripple redundant sensors.

iNAV compatible FC’s seems to come up alot when reading about these bigger UAV’s. Having all the navigation GPS IR etc control maybe of an advantage to your machine. btw 95kg thrust or 95kg lift? rule of thumb is 3x thrust / lift. 4x if you want to race it !