75 kg thrust motor


Can someone recommend a 75 kg thrust motor and a compatible multi rotor ESC?


How much thrust :open_mouth:

I need to lift 150kg…yes a huge drone
So I read somewhere that to lift a weight with 4 rotors , I will need to have 1:2 thrust to weight ratio. Can anyone suggest such a configuration?

Are you in the UK/EU, if so you need to be aware that the following also applies to multicopters…

Any model aircraft that weighs more than 20kg is regarded under the ANO (Air Navigation Order) as a full size aircraft but it is recognised by the CAA that an aircraft of this type cannot comply with all the ANO rules of a full size aircraft. To overcome this issue the CAA issue an “Exemption to Fly” to any model that has been successfully put through the procedures of the scheme. This also applies to “pure gliders”.

Over 20kg scheme

If you’re lifting 150kg, the aircraft that will carry it will obviously be over 150kg as the payload is included in the total dry weight, and therefore the following applies…

Note that if you are considering building a model that weighs over 150kg you will have to put the model through a FULL airworthiness certification and this can only conducted through the full CAA regulations which relate to Ultralight aircraft.


That is some serious thrust, but I dont know of any motors off hand that are capable of that. Although I know that they do exist as some electric aircraft use large motors and also some paragliders have started using electric motors too. But I dont have any experience with such motors as biggest drone I have built used the T-motor U8 motors which can produce about 12-15Kg thrust each with 30 inch props.

Hallo there!
Some guys in Latvia have built a heavy lift drone-
I believe, they are aerones.com
You can try contact them.

Thanks guys,
Do you know if 4 Turnigy RotoMax 150cc Size Brushless Outrunner Motor can do the job?

I think those motors only make about 20Kg static thrust each, but would be nice if manufacturer actually provided the static thrust test tables…

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Hello DM10,

Have great day.
I am also looking for the same load aprox 200 kg.
yes it is too large.

I am also new for Drone and it’s basic principle , can you help me in that case to collect some basic calculation and design formula. if you like you can share some pdf or other material which is helpful to me to making such drone. I appreciate you for your help.

I am little bit interested to know about your progress and how your drone look like.
looking forward to hearing from you
(I apologize if I did any mistake in my massage)

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HI . I am interested like you in building a new flying drone or what ever can me fly …
So , if you want to communicate you can send me a message on gmail ( sakabonnos@gmail.com)…

Hey there I need to lift a 40 kg drone with 20 inch propeller can turnigy rotomax 150 cc do that ??

Hi im just test of trust the rotomax 150 cc with a wooden 32x10 prop and ESC Fatboy 300 A. With 2x lipo 7s 5000mAh have 30 kg of trust, and with 2x lipo 6s 16000mAh 25 kg. Looking for answer is the rotomax 150 cc with the fatboy esc gona working on quad drone or not. Im looking for short time heavy lift operations. Weight of drone 18kg. I need to lift with min 35kg up to 42kg payload 60 kg full load) on the high min 50 max 200 meters. Than i need to drop the load and land empty under 20 kg.

Hi Slider2

The thrust you are telling for one 150cc rotomax or for quad configuration?


Hi @Slider2

The thrust (30kg) you are telling is for one rotomax 150cc motor???


Hii bro
I am planing to make drone.
Please help me,which type of motor,motor controllers and other equipments to lift 200kg weight
how it work and working formula and model of the drone like connections
Please send me
Or whatsup 9618926253

I saw the R-Snake and Mamba have a 90kg and a 100k thrust brushless outrunner.


I found something with potential. IDK if it will help

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