High Thrust drone motor

I’m looking to build this motor myself, if i can get somone to point me in the right direction. I’m looking for a 57.606231kg thrust motor, and yess I know the this is considered full size.

Dont get this wrong but if you dont know how to do it then you are not ready yet to build your own motor :smile:
You are ready when you know:

  • what different types of wiring do
  • the count of windings
  • the stator heigth and length
  • how many coils
  • how many phases
  • how to calculate everything (energy needed (dont forgot the esc), type of prop)

Aaaand the other things i forgot :smile:

I suggest you start with the single things and look what does what so you can start designing your Motor so it fits your needs.


I haven’t done any of this since higschool (40yrs. ago.)so I’m trying to get this done as cheap as possible. I know the ratio which is 2 to 1 but finding the motors has been a bit of a pain. I’ve got very strong magnets and alot of magnetic wire for winding, have the design, have the weight know how many engins it will take, as well as 30 inch props at my disposal. the frame is built, and i know the thrust of each engin I need. all up weight is 260#. Just need to be pointed in the right direction.

So if you know what you need… What do you mean with “pointed into the right direction” ?
Do you want to know how to start building ?

My wind charts are 40yrs old and I can barly read them, maybe some site out here may have a better winding chart avalible. that’s what I’m referring to. yes i know how to build.