GT2 2017 & Teranis QX7

Hi guys, I have just received my diatone GT2017 from unmanned tech with the QX7 remote. I’m happy flying in horizon mode usually, but the drone seems to be set to full acro. Any ideas which toggle switch they would have setup to change the flight modes?

I do believe one of us resolved this with you via facebook, but just in case anyone else has this issue. We usually set ch5 to be flight modes as a 3 position switch, and ch 6 is for either arming, or triggering buzzer.

As for setting up the actual flight modes, we have a guide to do that here including our suggested flight modes:

Yes all sorted thanks Alex, she flies really well!

I’m eager to get the runcam split fitted though, so if you could let me know when that’s in, that would be great.

Sam Butcher

M: 07909966778

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