🇬🇧 Mandatory drone registration coming to the UK

Looks like we are all going to have to register our quads if they are over 250g here in the UK :gb: … Just an announcement that it will happen so no details yet with no way to show how they will enforce it. And the best part is that I imagine that we will need to pay :money_with_wings:

However more worryingly an article on the Sunday Express has also talked about a mandatory safety awareness course!

But if a FPV quad technical is not a drone, does that mean we need to register that?

It looks like, the Goverment tries to destroy this Hobby too… :frowning:

The horse has already bolted if you know what I mean… Good luck with all of it because people won’t pay and will just ignore it. The actual criminals won’t pay any attention so it’s just hurting the hobby… Let’s see how disillusioned the government is.

Death of a hobby , demise of an industry and job losses worldwide.
I have been flying RC for 30 years and never ever caused an injury to another human or animal.
I will not conform to any rules imposed by this idiotic fool.
It won’t stop the criminals, it just penalises the honest diligent RC hobbyist.
Its total population control. And I think they call that communism?
Catch the idiots that fly like idiots and make an example out of them for starters.
Mr MP man can stick his rules up his pompous arse.