☠️ A 250g quad falling from 61m could kill you.. so the scientists 🔬 say

Kind if interesting tests that probably would of been quite fun to take part in (not as the test subject)… but also I was quite surprised that even a 250g quad, under certain conditions could be deadly…

A 10-person team at the Singapore-based university performed experiments with nearly 600 drones. They tested the impacts coming from above, at different heights, and from the side. One finding showed that a small drone weighing 250 grams could kill a person on direct impact if flown at an altitude of 61m, the local restriction. Researchers concluded that the risk of death could be lowered by flying drones over covered walkways or buildings, which act as barriers. Researchers will present the results at the Florida-based AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition next month

The bad thing here is that although these tests are good and important this will just add fuel to media and politicians to impose more regulations!

You can watch a video showing some of the crash tests here.

And you can read the full article here:

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I think the drone regualtions are legitimated but guys us
watch out and dont do any dumb things with our drones…
The only Guys that can kill people are probably kids
with “20$ Christmas Drones” :slight_smile:

The scientists say what? There are already many regualtions about flying drone.

A gun can be deadly, but that don’t stop them making them. Cigarettes are deadly but the laws don’t abolish them.
In fact, most things are deadly given circumstance.
What a world in which we live.
More cotton wool anyone?