UK 🏛️ government outline drone regulations 🚓 to be published in spring

So its going to happen now… all of us UK pilots will need to register our quads if they are over 250g… but more annoyingly, we will have to sit a safety awareness course… and who knows what the costs will be

This is the latest from the proposed plans for regulations due to come into affect in Spring.

The laws “allow the vast majority of drone users to continue flying safely and responsibly, while also paving the way for drone technology to revolutionize businesses and public services,” U.K. Aviation Minister Baroness Sugg said

You can read the full details over at BBC

Demise of a hobby so DJI and Amazon can control the airspace below 400 feet. What a lot of tosh. Rules and regulations don’t apply to criminals, only people that do things responsibly. Well, I have just become a crim.

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Well said…I am just happy that more people are working on micro quad stuff (sub 250g) as then we don’t need to care about registration… and some of the latest micro quads have some seriously impressive performance (if you ignore flight times)