UK Drone Regulations 🚨

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New laws regarding how and where we can fly drones going to come into effect on 30th July 2018. If you have followed the CAA guidance on flying drones, the new laws will hardly be surprising as the guidelines have will essentially become rules. So you cannot fly your drone above 400 feet, or within 0.6 miles from an airport. …

As I’m sure most of enthusiasts have more than one UAV, does anybody know if we can (when we have to register) go online, enter details of our entire fleet and do the safety test once.
Will we have to login and do each UAV on it’s own? i.e. in my case 5 at the moment


Yeah, its not too clear at the moment, but they will be publishing a draft drone bill later this summer, so hopefully it will have more details (and I will update the article as we find out more). But I do like the idea of just registering the fleet once, and doing the safety test once.

But I also wonder about FPV quads, given that I swap out my motors at least once every few months, sometimes upgrading to a more powerful setup that changes the weight significantly, or use bigger arms etc, does that mean I will need to register the same drone again?

I suppose one way to get around this is to just have a single registration that will cover any drone in a given weight class, then any modifications will not require a new registration unless it changes its weight class.

I think that whatever the new drone bill will be it will be drafted by people who have never flown a drone for starters.
Whilst I agree that these machines should stay away from airports etc. I do disagree that we have to register our details with yet another organisation and I bet you pay another fee because that means that our drones will then belong to the registration authority we have been forced to register with. I can see quite a few drones being confiscated.
Just opinion, happy to discuss further

I feel the same about registration, especially when we need to test new quads almost on a daily basis. So registration is kind of pointless especially if there are now laws in place and police have the power to take action on site if someone is doing something dangerous.

You are probably correct about the people making the rules probably think the only drones you get are ones from DJI. But I do feel that they are at least acknowledging that communities have been flying models for years without problems and tjat drones can play a role on the UK economy. So alot better then other regulators in other countries…