FY WD (wearable universal gimbal)

Feiyu Tech have recently announced their latest iteration of there ever popular handheld gimbals, the WD, or wearable gimbal. What makes this gimbal so great is that its small and lightweight, but is compatible with all the regular gopro accessories via the universal mount. This means that you can use all your gopro mounting accessories such as head-mount, suction mount but add the stabilization of a 3 axis gimba!.This FY WD gimbal will be compatible with other FY G4 accesories such as the FY Remote.

Its also super light weighing in at jsut 188g

You can also mount this gimbal in anyway you want, making it ideal for any situation. Because everything is self contained I can even see the ability to mount this gimbal on your quadcopter drone if you want, making it a truly universal 3 axis gimbal you can mount anywhere (just not sure if it can be controlled via your RC transmitter yet, but I will taky to Fy Tech about this to see). If you are looking for extra reach you can simply use one of those super cheap gopro selfie sticks.

The FY WD gimbal has been engineered to be as lightweight and compact as possible but still being powerful enough to offer proper stabilisation for your gopro gimbal. Other gimbals that use smaller motors might work great when standing still, but as soon as you start moving fast the wind resistance can sometimes cause the gimbal to move off center, something that the powerful motors of the FY WD (and other FY gimbals) can deal with.