FY G4 Smarphone Gimbal - The best stabilising selfie stick?

We have been selling the FY G4 Handheld gimbal for a couple months now, and apart from a coupe minor issues with our first batch, the FY G4 is probably the best performing handheld gimbal for gopro cameras given that it just works right out of the box. One of the best things about all the FY gimbals (be it the FY G3 or G4) is the oversize motors which provide plenty of torque to ensure the camera :camera: stays steady. Since the initial batch we have not had any issues with the FY G4 handheld gimbals!

We will soon receive some new FY G4 gimbal desined to work with your smartphone, which I think it a great idea given the fact that smartphone cameras are getting realy quite good with some phones being able to record 4K video! So maybe not exactly the most suitable for flying your drone but still a great offshoot of this technology! This means that everyone who is looking for something more than the regular selfie stick can now use the FY G4 to give you ultimate rock steady selfie videos!

We will add some more details as soon as they arrive, such as what size phones this is compatible with. But other than that the features are essentially the same as the FY G4 handheld gimbal for gopro…