Upgraded 3 axis FY-G3 gopro brushess gimbal

We are getting ready for the arrival of the release of the 3 axis version of the FY-G3 gimbal which should arrive early in June. Usually the third pan axis is not as if you are flying a well tuned multi-rotor (unless its a particularly windy day) but will still improve the stabilization in general which is great! However for the Handel version, the pan axis will add a noticeable improvement to the overall stabilization.

The video below shows the FY-G3 Ultra handheld (steady cam) version in action, this is in lock mode.

As of now Feiyu Tech are not planning to release an upgrade kit :frowning: so for now you will not be able to upgrade your 2 axis gimbal tto 3 axis. But we are working with them to try offer this to our existing customers, but it might not be possible due to a new 3axis controller.

The operation modes of the handheld version that can be change via buttons on the handle, the modes include:

  • Heading Follow Mode - The Pitch and Roll angles are fixed, but the
    Yaw axis will smoothly follow the direction you point it in.
  • Heading and Pitch Follow Mode - The Roll angle is fixed, but the Pitch and
    Yaw axis will smoothly follow the direction you point it in.
  • Lock Mode - All axis will keep thier current orientation irrespective of
    how you move the handle

As with the previous 2 axis FY G3 gimbal, these use powerful motors to make for a very robust gimbal when there are heady disturbances. Some gimbals with smaller motors cant handle the forces during rapid motion to keep the camera steady.

Here are the specs of the FY-G3 Ultra gimbal along with some images. The air version (also called phantom version) will be released after the handheld version.

Just to let everyone know that the FY-G3 Ultra gimbals have just arrived in stock :thumbsup:

The 3 axis aircraft mount versions should be ready in another 2-3 weeks.

As another update in case anyone is on the fence about ordering one of the FY-G3 Ultra handheld gimbals I just came across this video review which is quite thorough.